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Traffic in Central Texas is only getting worse. Movability can help local charities provide commute options that save time and money - but we need your help.

Help Central Texas nonprofits get to work and out of traffic.


The high costs - in time and money - of Austin’s traffic congestion and parking affect everyone. It’s especially hard on nonprofit organizations whose workers have stressful jobs that pay less.


That’s why Movability created NPO Go!


Nonprofit organizations need the same quality commuter solutions for their employees as big corporations. But nonprofits (and their employees) can’t afford to pay for this service without taking funds away from their core mission.


You can help! Donate to NPO Go!


Thanks to your donation, nonprofit organizations burdened by traffic congestion and expensive parking will receive Movability’s commuter services at no cost to them. 


Help nonprofits retain employees and save money

  • 86% of employees want mobility benefits
  • 68% of millennials state that mobility options would influence their decision to accept a position
  • Loyalty is 38% higher in companies with strong sustainability programs which include mobility benefits
  • The average price of a parking space in downtown Austin is $225


About Movability

Movability connects commuters with mobility options that save time and money. As

the only transportation management association (TMA) in Central Texas, Movability links employers, transportation providers, and city and regional entities to ensure the region's economic vitality. Movability's goal is to change commuter behavior to reduce traffic congestion in Central Texas. 


What Movability does:

  • Write strategic mobility plans, benefit packages, and organizational policies
  • Develop programs and processes for mobility incentives, gamification and prizes
  • Provide information and education regarding best practices, trends and changes in mobility options
  • Connect employers with mobility service providers
  • Provide employee commuter education (lunch & learns, transit adventures, commute chats)
  • Develop and provide access to an online mobility toolkit
  • Offer networking opportunities with corporate leaders
  • Share information, insight and data with public decision makers who influence policy and planning


About Your Donation  

Your gift will be received by Austin Community Foundation, Movability’s fiscal sponsor, for Movability to provide commuter solutions for Central Texas nonprofits. Your gift will not only improve traffic congestion but will be tax deductible!

We are grateful for your support of our organization. All purchases and donations are non-refundable. 

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