Parks and Rec Matter

Hutch Rec Foundation (HRF) is a nonprofit organization that supports the Hutchinson Recreation Commission (Hutch Rec) by advocating for program improvements and recreational opportunities through charitable giving. Since our inception almost 20 years ago, HRF has been able to complete numerous projects, such as the purchase of the Keller Leisure Arts Center (now Hutch Rec Downtown), creation of the Salty Dog Triathlon, and partnering with the Hutchinson Regional Medical Foundation to present the Happy Birthday Hutch Celebration. Most recently, we organized and hosted Brewfest: A Craft Beer Festival in October 2021 as a part of the Hutch Fall Fest in Downtown Hutchinson.

We have been proud to provide ongoing support to various Hutch Rec divisions, including adult and youth programs, senior center improvements, the popular Hutch Rec Race Series and other community events, as well as maintenance to the City of Hutchinson’s trail system.

But did you know that Hutch Rec provides more than access to parks and recreational opportunities in Hutchinson and Reno County? We also support Hutch Rec in many community endeavors, including work in the arts and humanities as well as the Hutchinson Healthy Neighborhood Initiative.

You or someone you love has almost certainly benefitted from one or more of the programs and initiatives offered by Hutch Rec. We ask for your help toward making these types of opportunities available to even more people in Reno County. Please consider supporting HRF in our 2021 Annual Giving Campaign, by visiting HERE or mailing your donation to Hutch Rec Foundation, c/o 2020 Giving Campaign, 17 E. 1st Ave, Hutchinson, KS  67501. We also invite you to follow our campaign on Facebook and Instagram.

Donation Initiatives

$25 Parks + Trails

When asked to select top priorities for future work in Hutchinson, residents were most likely to priority community/neighborhood parks and trails (27%). (Source: 2019 Healthy Community Parks & Recreation Master Plan)

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$25 Youth Sports & Recreation

96.4% of middle school students in Hutchinson report they participate in at least one activity a week, with 44.2% participating in organized physical activities (ie: sports), and 25.2% using parks and recreation centers. (Source: 2019 Healthy Community Parks & Recreation Master Plan)

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$25 Nature + Open Space

Dillon Nature Center ranked as one of the most important parks and recreation facilities for residents in a 2019 Healthy Community Parks & Recreation Master Plan survey. Also ranking high in importance was open space and natural areas in Hutchinson and Reno County. 

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$25 Senior Recreation + Services

71% of Parks and Recreation agencies characterize themselves as the leader or one of the leaders providing services and programming for older adults in their communities. (Source: NRPA)

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$25 Arts + Humanities

When asked to select top parks and recreation priorities for the next decade, art/music/culture ranked 4th out of 21 priorities. (Source: 2019 Hutchinson's Healthy Community Parks & Recreation Plan) 

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$25 Neighborhood Development

85% of people consider high-quality park and recreation amenities important factors when choosing a place to live. (Source: NRPA)

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$25 Community Recreation + Events

When asked to identify the top three most important programs to their household, community events rose to the top of the list, selected by 46% of respondents in Hutchinson. (Source: Hutchinson's Healthy Community Parks & Recreation Master Plan, 2019)

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