DemoChicks believes if you can see it, you can be it.

DemoChicks believes if you can see it, you can be it. We realize the importance of having role models and mentors to help girls and women navigate through the decision-making process of their future careers. We also recognize the importance of developing and nurturing relationships and a support system throughout this journey. Receiving helpful advice at the right time makes all the difference in our career trajectory. DemoChicks Mentors are assigned to college students to share insights about their journey success to help students navigate theirs. Mentors and Mentees will have a minimum of one meeting per quarter, but encourages participants to attend more.


In addition to general career guidance, DemoChicks also provides up-to-date job training and review of basic soft skills required to enter a work environment. Our mentors teach multiple skills in areas that are not taught in school and are developed with time and experience in their professional journey. Soft skills training includes review of: the willingness to continuously learn, decision-making, planning and organization, tools for developing a strong memory, working with others, active listening, persistence, negotiation and diplomacy. Each of the valuable lessons obtained are transferable and applied to the work environment.

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