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Thu, July 14, 2022
5:00 PM - 7:45 PM CT

Carver Branch - Austin Public Library
1161 Angelina Street
Austin, TX 78702

Let's talk about how we deal with propaganda, mis and dis information, and fake news to build commUNITY.

With the popularity of social media and 24/7 access of news and information at our fingertips, how do we know what news is real and fake?

Mis- and Dis- information poses fundamental threats to the way news, science, politics, and social issues are communicated. And, through digital communication, false information is disseminated at rapid rates across the globe. Sowing falsehoods increases political polarization and potentially infringes on the democratic process.

Join us as we talk about how to deal with propaganda, mis and dis information, and fake news to build community. And, how disinformation continues to pose a threat to already vulnerable populations with existing forms of discrimination. 

Natasha Harper-Madison, Austin's District 1 Council Member
João Seno Ozawa, Researcher/PhD student at UT-Austin, School of Journalism and Media
Dr. Sandeep Singh, CEO Austin Emergency Center, ER Physician, Veterans Affair

Anticipated agenda:
5:00pm - Doors Open
5:30~6:45pm - Panel Discussion
6:45~7:15pm - Listening Circles with Audience
7:15~7:45pm - Networking/Relationship Building

As an organization that supports and serves the vulnerable population, we encourage mask-wearing indoors (while not eating) at our events. And, we kindly ask anyone experiencing any COVID symptoms to rest up and get better at home and to join the live-streamed panel discussion on our Facebook page 

Catered beef, chicken, or vegetarian/vegan wraps, drinks, and snacks will be included with RSVP. Please indicate your preferred protein via your RSVP per attendee  Food is sponsored by U.S. Embassy in Riyadh, as BRAVE is hosting a cohort of Saudi young leaders on a social innovation program from July 8-16, 2022 in Austin. Come meet and connect with neighbors locally and globally at this FREE family-friendly, community-building event!



Free Chicken Option
Free Beef Option
Free Vegetarian/Vegan Option


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