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100 Black Men of Atlanta, Inc.

About 100 Black Men of Atlanta, Inc.

Help Make A Difference In The Lives Of Our Youth.


Project Success is a post-secondary preparation, tuition assistance and mentoring program for Atlanta Public Schools (APS) students. Each year, we measure the impact of Project Success on students’ interests in certain career professions.  Sixty-three percent of students selected STEM career professions while 37% selected non-STEM career professions. Twenty-seven percent of the students completing the survey were female and 73% were males. The two-generation design of our programs allows parents to increase their interests and preparation in STEM careers. Specifically, the Digital Inclusion Program is intended to support the parents and grandparents of the students in Project Success. The program is intended to provide parents and grandparents with an opportunity to improve basic computer skills that will empower them to improve communication with teachers and administrators through the APS parent portal, Infinite Campus.


Project Success Program Components, which develop the whole student, are as follows:


  • Mentoring

  • Project Success Scholars Academy (Saturday School)

  • The B.E.S.T.  Academy @ Benjamin S. Carson

  • 100 Scholars Robotics Alliances

  • Project Success Family & Youth Empowerment Programs

  • Project Success Health & Wellness Initiatives

  • Collegiate 100 of Atlanta

  • Collegiate Career Pipeline Training Program

  • Anti-Gun Violence Initiative


The mission of 100 Black Men of Atlanta, Inc. is to improve the quality of life by supporting and enhancing educational and economic opportunities particularly for African-American youth in the Atlanta community.