About Women At The Well


Whether you are 18 or 108, married or single, acting out or shutting down, Women at the Well gives you the tools you need to find a healthy sexual and emotional balance once again.  Those who have experienced any type of sexual, emotional, physical, mental, or verbal abuse in their childhood or adult years find this experience extremely freeing, as do those who have been betrayed or traumatized in any way. 

Shannon has this uncanny ability to push you just enough. Get you just uncomfortable enough. Challenge you just enough. But not so much, if you are willing to trust the process and her and God through her, that you won’t be better for it.  I was stretched farther this time, spiritually, than I have been, I think ever.


When I signed up for Women at the Well, I hated my body, and hated sex. If I could’ve lived life without sex, I would’ve been one happy camper! But, I knew that my husband would not be happy with that decision! So, I flew to Texas leaving my husband and four kids at home. After four days of trusting other women with all my deep, dark secrets, I was able to start my healing process. I left my baggage in Texas and came home so much lighter!
I have been able to look in the mirror in a different way. I am starting to see myself as a beautiful woman of God! And by seeing myself as beautiful, I am allowing my husband to see me as well! We are like newlyweds and enjoying each other in a way that we never have in our 12 years of marriage! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to experience such an amazing life-changing workshop!


This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience! You will face all of your negative emotions that drive you into unhealthy places, and discover joy as you journey toward freedom. The atmosphere that Shannon creates is one of full acceptance and trust. With the help of all the women I was able to share my dark secrets and was not condemned. Actually, through their help, I was able to make connections to my past that explained my actions and feelings that I have today. It truly felt like I was sitting in the presence of Christ just like the woman at the well in the Bible. There was love and concern for me, understanding of my struggles and support to overcome those struggles. This workshop has given me the tools I need to overcome and find freedom!



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