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Help us realize the full potential of the human spirit and inspire a new era of community development, growth, development, and joy.

Whatabout Theatre Membership


Your membership dollars support our mission and give us the operating funds to do things for you! Plus, it's a clear way to show that you're invested in and part of the Whatabout Theatre Community.


Membership Benefits

  • An annual membership gift
  • Voting rights at the annual meeting*
  • Ability to join committees
  • 20% discount on show tickets**
  • 15% discount on merchandise
  • 10% discount on classes & workshops
  • Access to members-only events
  • Name listed on website***
  • Name listed in preshow slides***


You can pay for your membership annually or monthly: $60/Year | $5/Month


When you pay for an annual membership, it will remain active for one year (if you join on June 7, 2025, your membership will last through June 6, 2026) 


If you cannot afford membership payments, please fill out this form to apply for a donated membership.


* Annual Members can vote immediately upon purchasing a membership;
Monthly Members can vote after 3 months of membership.
** Limit 2 per show
*** Optional

Membership Plans

Annual Membership
Monthly Membership


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