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Mon, November 09, 2020 12:00 AM - 11:45 PM

About Voice of Refugees

UnGala: Unbridled Giving to Match Unusually Difficult Times

You watched and heard from refugees, volunteers, and staff, so prayerfully consider to act on your love for refugee families. Anyone can be generous, regardless of financial capacity. "Generous people give generously."


In order to serve an increasing number of refugees through a wide array of ministry, we are asking for both generous one-time and monthly donations. We hope and pray you have sufficient income that stablizes and empowers your family. In the same way, your monthly donation helps stablize and empower ministry to refugee familes.


Whether you decide to give generously one-time, or monthly, or both, your donation will be used to greatly improve the lives of refugee families. No matter what or how you donate, your donation is gratefully received. 


  • Donating $25 monthly provides gas and retail cards to enable mobility and for families to purchase critical items.
  • Donating $50 monthly feeds a refugee family suffering food insecurity each month.

  • Donating $60 monthly for a year sends one student to a fun, educational, and spiritually enlighting eight-week 2021 Summer Camp!


  • Donating $125 monthly for a year enables one refugee or family with the typical counseling sessions to alleviate PTSD and address family dysfunction. 

  • Donating $250 monthly brings peace to a financially insecure family by providing funds to meet critical and urgent emergency needs (direct assistance to providers such as doctors, dentist, utilities, car shops, and...).

One-Time Donations

$250Children's Ministry

Provides childcare for a child for a full month, while their mother or father attends one of our class offerings.

$360Shepherd a Refugee Family

Supports case management and translation services for families applying to be U.S. permanent residents or citizens, transportation to medical and dental appointments, financial aid for individual and family counseling services, and much more.

$700Send a Child to Summer Camp

Sponsor one refugee child for an all-expenses paid experience of our 8-week (5-days-a-week) Summer Student Camp. The curriculum fosters character development via Bible studies, servant leadership opportunities, academic enrichment, journaling, music, arts and crafts, plenty of exercise, special outings, snacks and lunch! How many children will you send to camp?

$1,000Bring Diverse Communities Together

Creates one shared community events that many will remember for a lifetime! Enables community of refugee families and partnering churches to come together for relaxed moments of hospitality and lots of fun! How many events will you be willing to sponsor?

$12,000Invest in Children's and Adult Education

In response to the pandemic, this gift supplies the technology to establish one virtual and in-person classroom and all the learning material and other resources that support twenty-five students and their teachers. to deliver instruction in ESL, Conversational English, Citizenship, Budgeting, Parenting, KIDs & TEENs Club, and more. 4 classrooms are needed to support 100 students and teachers. 




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