The Best Software Solution for Interactive, Online Fundraising Events
Use our Versatile Event Fundraising Tools to run your Virtual or Hybrid Events or Auctions

Virtual Event

Create branded event pages with customizable options to engage your audience in real time from anywhere in the world


Embed your live stream directly into the guest experience of your virtual event

Online Auction (LIVE & Silent)

Virtual Event Optimized Live Auction and Silent Auction functionality in the immersive guest experience with your Live Stream

In-Event Fundraising Options

Fund-a-Need drives, Event Items for Sale, Raffle Tickets, Event Fundraising Teams, Raffle Tickets and much more

Event Ticketing

Robust ticketing options, including group, sponsorship and combo tickets, with discounts and capacity planning

Manage Guests

Customizable text messages sent to your guests whenever you would like, before, during and after the event - including links to their personalized guest page
Your Virtual Event
Virtual Online or Hybrid Fundraiser Events tailored to your organization
Create dynamic event pages with integrated live stream experiences, manage live and silent auctions, allow your guests to support your event by creating their own event fundraising teams, sell event offers and receive donations, display interactive Fundraising Thermometers and Dashboards and more…

Branded Event Pages

Choose and customize layouts and page design to make it your own

Hybrid Events

Offer a live stream component to your next in-person event

Custom messaging

Send custom messages and enhance your guests’ experience, before, during and after checkout


RSVP Events

Run Free or RSVP-only events with great guest experience and tracking


Social integrations

Easily let people know about your event using multiple social share options


Fundraiser Teams

Allow your ticket buyers to become your ambassadors and create fundraiser teams to sell tickets or registrations on your behalf

Live Stream Guest Experience
A one-of-a-kind combined virtual guest experience that merges a live stream event screen with all event and auction fundraising options
Our unique guest experience provides ideal viewing and participation options for your guests, including the ability to participate in Fund-A-Need calls to action, live and silent auctions and to make in-event donations super-easily.

Live Stream Options

Choose your preferred live stream platform and embed YouTube Live, Vimeo Live, Twitch Live, Facebook Live, Zoom Webinar/Meeting and others

Mobile and Desktop Experience

Unique streamlined user experience for desktop and mobile users


Immersive Guest Experience

Your guests can view your live stream while browsing and bidding and participating effortlessly in in-event fundraising activities


Sponsor recognition built right into the guest experience and also available on the ticketing event page

Live Auction and Silent Auction delivered... Virtually
BetterUnite’s unique live auction experience is paired with effortless silent auction functionality
Built with essential and invaluable input from experienced auctioneers, the Live Auction module helps you deliver a professional and effective live auction in a virtual setting. Your guests can participate in your live auction while watching your auctioneer or MC via livestream and bidding increments are easily adjusted and lightning quick. Guests can also participate in the silent auction bidding throughout the event in our combined and optimized virtual event guest experience.

Live Auction

Define items with images and videos, open for previews, setup predefined increments, open item for bids

Live Bid Monitor

Auctioneer and guests participate in the Live Auction in tandem with a beautiful combined experience and plenty of backend support


Silent Auction

Control when your silent auction items are open for bidding. Convert silent auction items into live auction items during the live stream. Full silent auction functionality available within the live stream guest experience


A Single, Combined Experience

We provide a single user experience empowering your guests to participate fully in the live or silent auction components of your event

In-Event Fundraising
Guest Carts for Fund-a-Need asks, Event Purchases, Paddles, Raffle Tickets, and Donations
Side-by-side with your live stream, you can drive your guests through your fund-a-need call to action. Your guests are able to freely participate in any other in-event fundraising opportunities like items for sale and on the spot donations - all within the same guest user interface

Event Guest Carts

Define items for purchase, fund-a-need levels, paddle amounts, raffle tickets, and other merchandise with set or open pricing

Pre-sell Event Items

Provide and publicize event items such as raffle tickets and merchandise to guests before the event to increase participation


Run Fund-a-Need Live

With your live stream and our unique guest experience, you can effectively perform your fund-a-need call to action with style


A Single, Clean Check-out

Provide a single check-out experience for your event participants, charging their pre-authorized cards for all of the items they have purchased during the event

Event Ticketing
Single or Group Tickets, Discounts, Access Codes, Capacity Tracking, Barcodes
Robust and malleable ticketing functions such as group and combo tickets, cloud-based ticket to allow for guest updates and credit card preauthorizations, discount, bulk and access codes, easy refunds, capacity checks, automated receipts and ticket emails, and pre and post checkout customizations.

Single or Group Tickets

Define, sell and track individual or group tickets

Discount & Access Codes

Define discount codes, bulk-discounts, or access codes to unlock ticket pricing and availability


Capacity Planning

Define ticket sales limits per ticket and as a whole, and control ticket sales according to capacity (typically applies to in-person or hybrid events)


Define sponsorship levels within or across multiple events

Combo Tickets

Define combo tickets to allow purchases across events e.g. sponsorships

Embedded Checkout

Create and use a seemless check out experience embedded into your own website as an option

Manage Guests
Track guest information, pre-authorize cards, allow guest self-management, message all guests via text or email

Customize Guest Checkout

Capture event specific custom information from guests and feed directly into the donor data

Track Attendee Status

Track and manage guest attendance information before and during the event

Guest Communications

Ability to manage guests effectively, and be able to segment guests and provide custom, specific communication for each guest. Ability to send text messages or email messages in bulk.


Guest Managed Details

Allow guests to provide details about their party easily and readily to ensure accuracy before an event

Pre-authorize Cards

Allow collection of card information before the event for event purchases

Simple Check out

Close your event and charge your guests in a combined, clean check out experience for both you and your guests.

BetterUnite can help manage your fundraising event

Maximize the impact of your event and increase your fundraising goals by using BetterUnite’s proven software for the full life-cycle of your event.

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Form Builder
Design your own check-out form with our easy drag & drop tool.
An easy to use form builder to define what existing or custom fields you'd like to capture from your guests for each event.

Define form inputs

Capture donor information, information per guest, and other check out information for your needs

Provide Commentary

Add your own sections, headings, paragraphs and other layout options to the check out form

Custom Fields

Define campaign specific custom fields as well as fields to be captured per guest easily within the form builder tool

Drag & Drop Ease

Building forms with the drag & drop interface is very easy and intuitive

Giving Thermometer

With live updating thermometer, turn up the excitement during your events

Safe, Secure Transactions. Safe keeping your funds.

We use industry standard technologies to provide transaction security

Secure transactions with industry standard compliance

Separate campaign and funding security access

Withdraw from your campaigns anytime

Support multiple bank accounts

Support for campaign specific funding accounts

Full funding & bank account management tools

ZERO Set-Up Fees. No Contracts. Fund Faster.

BetterUnite does not charge you a set-up fee and there are no monthly fees, so you can get started with your fundraising, events, donor management and more right away. You also have the option of asking your donors to cover the standard credit card processing fees of 2.9%+30c required by the payment processors.
It's fundraising, made free and simple.

* Non-US or Stripe accounts will need to choose a monthly plan.

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