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2023 Day of Caring

Locations throughout the Chippewa Valley

Project selection is different this year. Volunteer slots are first come, first serve. Team Leads should sign up the whole team. Follow the steps below to choose a project.

   1. Scroll down this page to see the listings.
   2. Look at both the time frame of each project and the numbers of volunteers needed for each. The number should correspond with the number of volunteers on your team.
   3. On the project description the text color varies from black if there is an extra note added:

  • Project site at different location: Orange
  • Additional details about the project: Green
  • Special Skills or Experience Needed: Purple
  • Tools or supplies needed: Red

   4. If you want to register volunteers for a project, click on the specific project.
   5. A pop-up will happen just below the project indicating how many available slots are open.
   6. If slots are still available and you want to select a particular project, click on the pop-up that shows the date and starting time.
   7. The page will redirect to a sign-up page.

  • Enter the required contact information on the left.
  • Choose the number of volunteer slots you want by using the +/- signs on the right under "Review".
  • If you want to add an additional project, please scroll down this page, click the additional project and adjust the number of volunteers to match the number you want to sign up.
  • On the top right, add a donation amount if you wish to support United Way of the Greater Chippewa Valley with its mission to improve live and build stronger Chippewa Valley communities by bringing resources together to advance the common good.
  • Click "Sign Up".


Please contact Kathy Cooper at or 715-834-5043 if you have any questions about this sign-up process. If you have any other questions about Day of Caring, please contact Amanda Obenhoffer at or 715-834-5043.


Thank you for volunteering!

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42. East Side Hill Neighborhood Assoc.

# of Volunteers Requested: 8
Time of the Project: 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.


Project #: 42
Organization Name: East Side Hill Neighborhood Association
Address: 1039 Emery St
City/Town: Eau Claire
State/Province: Wisconsin
ZIP/Postal Code: 54701
Is the project site at different location than listed above? Yes
Address: 1202 Fairway St.
City/Town: Eau Claire
State/Province: Wisconsin
ZIP/Postal Code: 54701
Brief description of project: Resealing Blacktop Surface on Basketball Court at Boyd Park (Main St. E.C)
Additional details about the project: The Eastside Hill Neighborhood Association has been working with closely with the city over the past several years to improve features at Boyd park including recently adding a new skateboard plaza and playground equipment. The ESHNA contributed a large amount of the funding needed through fundraising and grant money. The mission behind these improvements, termed Boyd Park Plus, is to better utilize the green and park space in our neighborhood in an attempt to bring our neighbors together and enrich the lives of our children by helping them get outside to play more. We have dramatically seen an increase in park use since the most recent improvements. One of our next goals is to improve the heavily used basketball court surface and upgrade the backboards/hoops. We are hoping that a business participating in the Day of Caring event would be willing and qualified to help resurface the current blacktop surface. We'll also need assistance with repainting the surface and moving the basketball hoops but for this event getting the blacktop resurfaced is the main priority.
Is the project outdoors, indoors or both? Outdoors
Special skills or experience needed to complete the project: Qualified to work on city grounds with proper licensing and fully insured. Qualified to provide professional surfaces as listed above.
Tools or supplies needed: Necessary equipment and tools to resurface/seal blacktop surface