Public Education in Texas in in jeopardy! Can we count on you to help save PublicEd?

Public education in Texas is in jeopardy. Our public schools and teachers are under attack. Over the past two years they’ve been subjected to constant harassment, criticism, and hateful rhetoric. From  angry parents calling teachers and administrators groomers, to a mother who screams at the school board that she doesn’t want anal sex taught to her children. Recently we even had parents arrested outside a high school protesting a DEI consultant. These small but vocal groups have divided our communities and demoralized our teachers, volunteers, and school administrators. To counter these campaigns, TXLEADSEd (Texas Leadership, Education, Arts, Diversity and Science) a working group in Mothers Against Greg Abbott PAC, has developed a campaign plan to increase voter turnout among those who support public education targeting a dozen school board elections on Saturday, May 7 and Tuesday, November 8, 2022. We need your help. Please consider a gift of $100, $50, $25 or $10 today. Every little bit helps us spread the word about these campaigns. 


National far-right GOP campaigns have taken advantage of the crisis in our communities and schools  to dismantle our public schools and redirect taxpayer money towards vouchers for evangelical church-affiliated instruction. This well-coordinated campaign has been successful in many states by appearing to be an organically grown group of concerned parents and utilizing cultural wars to fear monger and spread lies about those that have dedicated their lives to serve our children. They attend school board meetings screaming about CRT, masks, and pornography to motivate suburban parents to vote for their conservative, anti-public-school candidates. We must stop them from destroying our public schools.  


Unfortunately, the GOP extremists and Christian Nationalist fear-campaign and attacks have been effective in that public support for vouchers has increased based on recent polling. TXLEADSEd will elevate key public-school issues that matter to parents and their communities and demonstrate the positive impacts our public schools have on our children and families. If you support your public school teachers, please consider supporting our efforts today. 



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