Thu, April 30, 2020

The auction item found here has been donated from CAS FRIESE. 100% of proceeds will benefit Gods Love We Deliver NYC providing aid in the Covid-19 pandemic. Thank you.

NYC is a piece from a new collection of work I had intended to launch at the end of last month.  Drawing on my Californian roots, several months ago I began to work on a collection of art boards with planned releases in 2020.  For weeks I have sat with these works remapping plans for their release. 


Every time I've looked at this particular piece over the past few weeks I am reminded of the city I live so close to, once lived in and where my husband works everyday - the city that has been hit hardest by the pandemic.  While I would have liked to have a more pulled together show or release of this new body of work, I feel compelled to share this piece now.   I've also decided to auction this board and give 100% of proceeds to Gods Love We Deliver NYC, a charity dedicated to alleviating hunger and malnutrition for people with serious illness. 


The artwork used to create NYC is from my STRUCTURE collection - a series of images that illustrate the shapes and movements of manmade structures.  no. 8583 is an image of a corner building and stoplight, signaling red, in Soho. 


The piece is intended to be hung on the wall - just like a painting, but it can can certainly be ridden if desired.  The artwork is made from 7 ply Grade A Canadian maple wood with a printed base,  edition number and artist signature on verso (top of the deck).  In this case the piece is signed AP.


NYC board shown in situ below.