$2,103 raised in 295 days



Please consider donating an item from The Pearl's wish list!

Donation Levels

$20 A new pair of school shoes
19 of 29 claimed
$15 School Backpack
3 of 14 claimed
$10 Food Thermos
3 of 18 claimed
$10 Water bottle
1 of 9 claimed
$20 Bible
9 of 22 claimed
$20 Bible Cover
0 of 12 claimed
$20 Bed sheet
2 of 15 claimed
$125 Bookshelves for the school library
1 of 2 claimed
$5 Plastic chairs
Plastic chairs for The Pearl House Academy school library and teacher's lounge
$50 Mattress
This will allow our senior high girls, when coming home from break, to have a place to sleep at The Pearl House.
4 of 8 claimed


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