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Moppets Year End Fundraiser

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After a gentle pink horse was stranded on Earth, he was discovered and befriended by a young Moppet named Aidan. Aidan dubbed the little horse Piwi, took him home to Moppets Headquarters, and introduced him to the Moppets kids. They decided to cast Piwi in their production of “Julius Caesar,” disguising him as a “toy horsey.” Since closing night of “Caesar,” Piwi has quietly moved from Moppet to Moppet — surviving on kibble and Cheetos at Graham’s house… sleeping under Henry’s bed… wearing dress-up clothes and staying very, very still in a pile of Charlie’s dolls to avoid parental detection…

The Moppets thought they could live this way forever. But it all came to a head last week. It was Eli and Selah’s turn to house Piwi, but Piwi was no longer satisfied with cat food. He boldly galloped into the dining room in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner, leapt majestically onto the table, and singlehandedly took the tofurkey down.


Eli’s parents were furious (and hungry). They called an emergency meeting and marched Eli, Selah and Piwi down to Moppets Headquarters, and now we are faced with a decision. Do we, The Montford Moppets Youth Shakespeare Company, turn Piwi over to The Authorities? Or do we make Piwi a Moppet?


This holiday season, we are seeking funds to feed, house and train Piwi. Maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle for a small pink equine alien is not going to be cheap, but we’re committed.


We’ve opened our home to Piwi. We hope you’ll consider opening your heart and your wallet to help us give him the life he deserves.


Also, yes. This is basically just the plot of the heartwarming and slightly terrifying 1982 masterpiece “E.T. The Extraterrestrial.”


Piwi is officially a Moppet now, but he eats very little and doesn’t take up much space. He doesn’t need your donations. The Moppets, however, require a lot more upkeep. Your donation will help us keep the Moppets moving forward in 2023!


Giving Options

$20 Apples for Piwi

Help us pay for the things that keep Moppets going!

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$50 Horseshoes for Piwi

Help us pay for things that keep Moppets going!

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$100 New Saddle for Piwi

Help us increase our show budgets and train Moppets in theatre tech!

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$250 Piwi Boarding Fees

Provide the average amount of a scholarship for one of our programs.

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$500 Trainer for Piwi

Help us pay professionals to work with the Moppets! Local theatre artists direct and teach all of our shows, classses, and workshops.

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