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Nurturing Hope, Building Futures: Grace to be Born - Where Every Beginning Is a Chance for Renewal.
Empowering Lives, Igniting Futures: Liza Pavlakos Foundation - Supporting Education, Transforming Trauma, and Kindling Hope across Africa
Empowering Dreams, Nurturing Hope: Our Lady of Perpetual Help Children’s Home—In Partnership with Liza Pavlakos Foundation, Enriching Lives through Education and Mental Well-being.

About The Liza Pavlakos Foundation LTD

Liza Pavlakos, the dynamic founder and CEO of the Liza Pavlakos Foundation, transcends the realm of successful entrepreneurship to stand as an influential speaker who has conquered homelessness, abduction, abuse, and human trafficking. Her compelling narrative has touched the hearts of over 100,000 people globally, earning her the prestigious Golden Gavel Award and securing her position among the top 10 female speakers worldwide in 2020, and ranking 8th in suicide prevention in the USA.

In addition to her entrepreneurial pursuits, Liza is the visionary behind Mind Hub Directory, where she channels her empathy to provide free counseling for trauma victims in impoverished circumstances. Positive Breakthroughs, an organization she founded, assembles seasoned chartered psychologists, psychotherapists, counselors, and coaches committed to enhancing mental health. Liza's personal dedication to mental well-being springs from her own journey of resilience in the face of profound trauma.


Established on April 12, 2018, the Liza Pavlakos Foundation embodies a mission to give back to the less fortunate, offering the support she lacked during her challenging times. Liza's commitment extends beyond rhetoric—her frequent speaking engagements take her to places in need, granting her firsthand insight into the challenges people confront.

By aligning with the charities endorsed by Liza, you become a vital part of her mission to bring positive change to those in need. Your contribution directly influences the trusted charities she supports, with the entire donated amount reaching those who require assistance. Join Liza Pavlakos in the pursuit of creating a positive impact and helping individuals succeed in any circumstance.




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