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Day in and day out, Texas Fair Defense Project works to create a world where people who are poor are provided with resourcees and systems of support, rather than networks of surveillance and punishment.


We believe we are stronger together than alone. Our strength comes directly from working with partners––the clients who shape our advocacy work, the grassroots organizations that share our antiracist vision, and the community members who can provide continued support for our programs. They are all stars who guide our path. 


Your sustained support through monthly donations ensures TFDP can continue our fight to end the criminalization of poverty in Texas. Here's how your monthly gift helps light the way for our mission:


  • $25/month (Spark): You will ensure TFDP's day-to-day operations run smoothly, without any interruptions to our pro bono and systems navigation work. 
  • $50/month (Flame): You will support the training for a TFDP pro bono attorney to take on license restoration.
  • $75/month (Lantern): You will cover the costs to help a TFDP client get their driver's license back – so that they can go to work, take their kids to school, get groceries, see the doctor, and live their day-to-day lives without risk of further punishment. 
  • $100/month (Beacon): You will enable a TFDP client to be connected to a full set of intersecting health and housing services through our systems navigation program.



By becoming a TFDP Beacon, you'll truly ensure the long-term health of our direct service programs. Your commitement will increase our capacity and allow TFDP to expand our programs' reach and impact. (Plus, you'll be thanked in our communications and receive a token of appreciation if you join at the Flame, Lantern, or Beacon levels.) Thank you for your support. 


Membership Plans

$25/month - Spark

Help us maintain our day-to-day direct service operations!

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$50/Month - Flame

Cover the costs for a pro bono attorney to receive license and record restoration training!

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$75/month - Lantern

Cover the costs for a TFDP client to have their driver's license restored!

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$100/month - Beacon

Connect a TFDP client to full intersecting health and housing services!

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Background photo by Leonardo Corral / Unsplash