The ShePOWER Leadership Academy (SPLA) is designed to expand the number of female civic and business leaders, redefining the vision of leadership. Leadership to include doing well at school, to do more good in the community and excel in her personal life while owning her personal power. The Academy enroll individuals who are ready to grow and engage in preparation for leadership.


By design, the Academy’s leadership and personal development based programs focus on rigorous reflection and thoughtful development around worth, civic leadership agility and business leadership interaction. It is rooted in working on the individual as a unique leader.



The Academy’s core program involves

(1) Leadership: exploring, discovering, and developing each participant’s distinctive style of leading

(2) Personal Development: identifying and developing the skills for negotiating culture in school, civic, professional and social settings 

(3) Mentorship: develop a personal agenda for growth and development through access to mentors and strategic connections with community leaders who understand the importance of leadership, relationships and partnersh.


ShePower Leaders is a non-profit organization that establishes leadership, personal development and peer mentoring programs for girls, which are led and facilitated by women. ShePower’s programs are designed to help young girls build self-esteem, develop leadership skills, and recognize their value.  ShePower provides lessons that include discussion points, information, activities and the POWER of ONE, a signature ShePower lesson.



  1. The power of Respect: By having self-respect, I gain respect
  2. The power of Making a Difference: By making a positive impact, I get a positive outcome
  3. The power of Integrity: By fulfilling promises and expectation, I gain trust of others
  4. The power of Excellence: By having the desire to operate in Excellence, I will win
  5. The power of Service: By extending beyond my own self-interest, I impact lives
  6. The power of No Fear: By being myself, I am comfortable living life being bold and different.
  7. The power of Passion: By operating from a place of passion, I will live a balance fulfilled life.
  8. The power of Diversity: By accepting people from varied academic, social, emotional, and economic backgrounds, I accept myself.



The ShePOWER Leadership Academy expands the number of girl leaders who excel in academics and engage in service in their communities. Our work reshapes the future landscape of leadership and broadens awareness of female public leadership beyond the borders of commonly tapped leadership circles in school and in the community.



Personal Development sessions empowers girls to step into their own unique personal power, by teaching them strategies and techniques to take responsibility for the results which are showing up in their world as they live, learn and lead with the Power of One.



ShePOWER is aware that a supportive adult invites the greatness out of a youth.  When women donate their time or money to mentor and foster the potential of a motivated girl, we all feel good about her potential achievement. When one of the girls in ShePOWER ‘makes it,' it’s not just a success for her, it’s a success for all women.

Research shows that mentoring helps at-risk youth.

  • 27% are less likely to begin using alcohol
  • 37% are less likely to skip class
  • 46% are less likely to begin using illegal drugs
  • 52% are less likely to skip school

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