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Your gift will help alleviate isolation for vulnerable seniors, providing them with personal connection and support while offering volunteer opportunities and mentorship to youth!

In honor of my birthday, please support my friend and Impact Hub Houston member, Varina Rush with this much needed initiative to help senior citizens in Houston!!


  • Seniors are dying of loneliness. 13.5 million seniors live alone, and their isolation is often cited as a contributing factor to seniors over 85 having the second-highest suicide rate in the U.S.
  • Due to the increasing uncertainty about their futures compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic, college and high school students' emotional distress and loneliness are at an all-time high.
  • Our elders deserve the ability to live as valued, supported members of a connected and thriving community, which, in turn, creates a thriving society for us all.


This is why we ask you to support SeniorConnect. 

SeniorConnect alleviates social isolation among seniors and enhances the well-being of this vulnerable population, while simultaneously allowing students to benefit from their elders' wisdom and experiences. We train and empower high school and college students to provide often-isolated seniors with personal connection through regularly-scheduled phone calls and meaningful conversations. This one-to-one connection supports the mental health of all participants and forms relationships that bring generations together.


Senior Testimonial: "SeniorConnect has connected me with the new generation.  Interacting weekly with Scott has made me feel younger because of our fun conversations.  I consider him as a family because we share similar life experiences.  We're able to express how it affects us and step out of our comfort zones.  It's the highlight of my week, and I'm glad I was selected to be his senior."  


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$2,880 Sponsor 10 Senior-Student Pairs!

Provide 10 Seniors with meaningful connection and 10 Students with the personal training to support them!

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