Respect, Reflect, Connect A community building spaces online and off to inspire thoughtful conversation and transform how we engage in society. Teens are leading the way.

Citizen Discourse (CD) was founded with the vision of building an innovative online community that guides the development of critical thinking, communication, and collaboration skills so members are more engaged, better-informed and kinder to one another.  Citizen Discourse believes this kind of society can exist, and we believe this movement towards civility in our discourse starts with young people.  CD is assembling a team of teen ambassadors committed to this shared vision. 

  • Daily writing prompts guide and incentivize the development of a writing practice in a private journaling space.

  • CD’s Contributor Collective --a talent pool of experts, artists and change agents-- provide content that fuels curiosity, learning, and conversation. Content shared by Contributors is organized by subject and found in topical “hives.” 

  • Topical hives contain content geared towards teens in the form of podcasts, research, human interest stories, articles and video.  Hives feature subjects ranging from technology to pop culture and serve as a space for members to explore a virtual playground of ideas and information.    

  • Organizational hives serve as functional work spaces where members of an extracurricular such as debate team, student council or youth group may share, organize and collaborate.

Citizen Discourse is partnering with youth-centered nonprofits, educators and media organizations to engage and grow a diverse community.  Teens are playing a critical role in the organizational infrastructure, curating content and in engaging other teens in their communities.  

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