Enjoy a full laser hair removal treatment at the ONLY aesthetic bar in KC, Georgous Aesthetic Bar! Laser Hair Removal uses laser light therapy to permanently reduce the hair follicles on the face and body.
$600Highest Bid
Blake Dankert Highest Bidder
# 100
Enjoy a full Botox treatment (up to 50 units) at Hollyday's new PV injection studio!  Injected into facial muscles to treat wrinkles that are caused by the movement of those muscles. Treatable areas: Frown lines – between the brows and on the forehead Crow’s feet – wrinkles around the eye area Bunny lines – fine lines on the either side of your nose Lift the eyebrow for a more defined arch Improve a gummy smile Fine lines around the mouth Lift the corners of the mouth Improve dimpling on the chin Slenderize lower face Relax protruding platysmal neck bands Improve horizontal neck lines Improve excessive sweating in underarms
$470Highest Bid
Joe Alaimo Highest Bidder
# 1