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Raising funds to become Austin's first sober bar. During the day, physical and mental wellness programs. At night, a sober, inclusive social setting with non-alcoholic beverages.
$350 raised in 440 days
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About Sans Bar LLC





Addiction is a struggle that too many of us know personally. We have seen friends, family members, and co-workers suffer silently. Sometimes, they get better. Sometimes, they are lost to overdose, incarceration, or suicide. 


Our mission is to provide a safe, sober environment for the public to have fun while promoting emotional and social wellness. 


We are in the middle of an epidemic. We lose over 100 Americans to addiction daily. That's 100 teachers, fathers, daughters, veterans, and next door neighbors. There is a fierce urgency to meet the gap between treatment and sustained recovery.  


We offer fun unfiltered. When you are at Sans Bar you are making genuine connections in a way you can't in traditional bars.