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We’re raising funds for an additional Storage FREEZER and we need your help!

We have been blessed over the past three years to be able to install a 40 foot refrigeration container on our campus.  This has allowed for us to be able to store more fresh meat and fresh produce.  This year we have been so very blessed with higher than normal amounts of meat and produce from the Central Texas Food Bank as well as our store partners.   These extra donations have created a small problem in that we have run out of room to store this extra fresh food. 


Our goal is to secure two additional 40 foot insulated containers to be placed beside our refrigerated container.   We would like to use one for a walk in freezer for the meats and the other for a refrigerated cooler for the produce.   This would allow for us to not only feed our current clients more fresh food as well provide the space needed to increase the amount of food we can distribute to our clients.  Currently we are turning down donations or blessing other ministries with the food that we are unable to store.


The cost of each container only is roughly $10,000 which would then need to be outfitted with the generator units to produce the cold air.  The generation units can range anywhere from $10-$25,000 apiece.    As we look at adding these two units, we are estimating that the cost would be at least $20k for each unit.  Would you consider helping Reveal with the cost of these two containers?   If you have the ability and feel led to help donate please go to……….  Every dollar helps and we are so grateful for your contribution!




Your donation will ensure that Reveal can continue to fight hunger and provide high quality food to those who need it.


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