Giving Tuesday
$50 Gio's Cafe Gift Card
Gio's Cafe is a little jewel in the heart of Bridgeport, Chicago. Their homemade Italian foods with a Sicilian touch will transport you to Italy. Gio’s Café is an informal place that will make you feel like you're in grandma’s kitchen, if you had an Italian grandma! Every dish is made to order. Outdoor dining, online ordering, curbside pickup and no-contact delivery are available. Full menu and a specialty grocery are available for you to discover! See what they have to offer at:
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$100 Ace Hardware Gift Card
There's nothing quite like being home for the holidays! While you're enjoying the cozy indoors, how about some home improvements? This Gift Card will help you get started! Visit:
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$25 Connie's Pizza Gift Card
Connie's Pizza is a local favorite and Chicago tradition, serving up pizza pies since 1963! While the pizza is phenomenal, the menu includes a variety of Italian classics and crowd-pleasers. Staying at home? Order for pick up and delivery! See their menu:
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$15 Starbucks Gift Card
If Peppermint Mocha or Caramel Brulee Latte are the quintessential winter flavors for you, you'll find this Starbucks gift card handy running errands about town or just treating yourself to a quiet moment during the holiday bustle.
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$100 Lettuce Entertain You
With over 130 Chicagoland eateries in the Lettuce Entertain You Restaurant Group, you'll find a smorgasbord of choices that will be sure to please. From French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Fusion to just good ole American (and more), you'll be able to look forward to a fine-cooked meal. Find a restaurant near you:
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A Week of Tuition
Every student enrolled at PTCS receives automatic tuition reduction. Some students are elgible for further assistance. Generous donors make it possible for us to accept students by providing the gap between the tuition paid by families and the true cost of each child's education.
A Case of Copy Paper
With over a dozen teachers on staff, teaching subjects as diverse as Art, Mandarin, Language Arts, Science, Math and seems we are always in need of paper (to name just one office supply)!
Adopt A Classroom
With over 180 days of school, and an average of 10-20 students per class, this works out to less than $1 per child per day. If you're interested in this item, please contact us directly via email to:
In Preview
Extra Books and Updated Curriculum
We want to keep our books and curriculum up to date. This requires a bit of regular maintenance and management, and the costs can add up!
A Month of Upgraded Internet
With onsite and online classrooms running in tandem, there has been immediate need to buy new software and upgrade the school's internet service to reach all students and communicate with families effectively.
A Day of Cleaning
To keep students and staff safe, we adhere to the most conservative recommended health and cleaning protocals. To maintain these standards, we've had to hire additional staff. This represents roughly how much the school pays per day for additional cleaning.