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Year End Giving 2021

Give the Gift of Clean!

It's the Giving Season!  Help us bring showers, hygiene services and the dignity that comes with being and feeling clean to our Charlotte neighbors in need.


I want to share a story - one that we are hearing more and more these days - way too frequently. A couple and their 3 young children arrived after finding us online. They had recently moved to Charlotte and both parents had jobs, but they were unable to find a place to rent for their young family. They stayed in a motel until their money ran out, and now they had been in their car for the past week, with no access to showers. Mom, dad, a 5 year old, a 3 year old, and an infant. No baths for a week. After everyone had a shower and clean clothes, the family was extremely cheerful and grateful. They were also optimistic. With their next payday they had a place lined up. As they left the woman said, "Now we are taking the kids to the park. They have been so good, but there was no way we could take them to the park after so long with no bathing."  


Your gift supports families like this as they make their journey through homelessness


Your gift goes directly to providing propane to heat the water, gas to get our truck to shower sites each day, clean towels, and a fresh pair of socks and underwear for each guest. Your support means so much to the individuals and families we serve! A gift of $500 provides hygiene supplies for 100 guests.




Project Outpour currently operates mobile showers at 4 locations each week, and distributes hygiene supplies at additional locations each week, month, and quarter. Your donation ensures that individuals can continue to count on us into the New Year for consistent services. A gift of $250 will keep our gas tank full for a month. 



Access to bathing is a basic human need that most of us are fortunate enough to take for granted. That is not the case for the more than 3,100 individuals moving through homelessness in Charlotte, as heard in these recent conversations with our guests:


One of our Tuesday guests said, "I appreciate being able to take a shower every week. I just can't make it all the way over to the other side of town to get a shower. Thanks so much for coming out here. "


A new guest recently said, "You mean I can take a shower for free? I have been trying for three days to get together enough money for a bus ticket and the $12 it costs to take a shower at the truck stop."


And a friend we see every Friday said, "I truly don't know what I would do without you guys. I am trying to get a job, but I can't go to interviews without showering. I feel so much better every time I come here. And, I appreciate that you always have a snack for me!" 


Please donate today to continue providing the crucial support like the stories above. A gift of $100 will provide clean towels for one month of shower services! 







Donation Levels

$500 Hygiene supplies for 100 guests

Each guest receives a clean towel; new socks, shirt, and underwear; and all supplies needed to shower. 

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$250 Gas for 1 Month

We pull our shower trailer to multiple service sites each week. Keeping our gas tank full is a top priority.

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$100 Clean Towels for 1 Month

There is nothing better than a clean, fresh towel after a hot shower. Provide them for a whole month of showers!

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$50 New Shirts for 10 guests

No one likes putting on dirty clothes after a shower. This gift ensures our guests have access to clean clothes. 

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Choose your Gift Amount

Every donation gives the gift of clean, and will be put to use providing services to our neighbors moving through homelessness. 

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