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Tell Your Story & Become a Published Author!

Hello My Sister,

I truly believe that we all have a story to tell, and your story is not for you.  We are here to share our stories, so that others can become free, healed and grasp hope  from our lessons learned.

Hello, my name is Phyllis Jenkins and I’m on assignment by God Almighty to help every woman I come in contact with to Tell Her Story. I beg of you, not to take it to your grave. Why? because we have sisters whose hearts are bleeding and crying out for help. What if your story and your lessons learned are the answers to your sister’s prayers? If you’re on the other side of a life-challenge, if God has brought you through a difficult circumstance; I invite you to become a published author of the #TellingOurStories Anthology. This anthology will comprise of women stepping out, standing up and telling their stories to bring inspiration, encouragement and hope to others who so desperately need it.

Some story ideas BUT NOT LIMITED TO:

  • Stories of God’s Healing
    • Spiritual
    • Physical
    • Relationship (s)
  • Pandemic/ COVID-19 Story
  • Backstory of your successful Business & Brand 
  • Poetry

This anthology will help you to become a published author with a print book and ebook on Amazon. We will collectively run a campaign to make this a Best Seller! As an author of this anthology, you’ll be invited to meet your other co-authors and connect thru virtual workshops.

You will also be invited to appear as a guest on the PowerLift Stories Podcast, and be introduced at our annual Powerful Journey Women’s Conference.

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Your $100 deposit will SAVE your spot for Volume 2 of Telling Our Stories Anthology. The deposit will be used towards your total investment of $500. The deposit is transferrable but not refundable. 

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