Unlimited Beer Wristband
Double Down Hole Wager Contest
Contestant will wager $10 in hopes to WIN a $25 gift card to their choice of either Saul Good or DV8 Kitchen. Contestant will win if their golf ball lands and stays on the green putting surface.  Fringe does not count.
String Cheater Contest
One per team.  Team will receive 1 string length (2 wingspan’s length) for $20. Can only use string to improve position once per side (9 holes—holes 1-9 and 10-18) and knot string so it can’t be used on the other side (9 holes).   Say all team members missed a putt but the closest one was 12 inches away- You can DECIDE to take 12 inches off your string and CLAIM that you made the putt and saved a STROKE !! 
Tiki Breeze Contest (Skirt)
Improve your tee off position! The contestant will tee off from the women’s tee box as an advantage.  For females, move 50 paces in front of women’s tee box. Contestants are encouraged to wear pieces of the traditional Hawaiian gear as they tee off.
Win-Win Raffle Ticket
In addition to the Silent Auction, we will have a Win-Win Raffle consisting of items valued less than $200.  The raffle will be set up in a donate-to-win format, in which a donation of $25 is required for entry.  You will receive ONE (1) raffle ticket per donation of $25, and tickets can be used for any of the items on display.  In order to “bid” on the item of your choice, place your raffle ticket in the pool associated with the item you are “bidding” on.  The winning raffle tickets will be drawn once the last golfer has returned from the course.   
Raffle Ticket