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Breaking Bread with Family
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Help NAREB Nashville encourage families to spend Thanksgiving at the dinner table this year!

Family is one of life's greatest blessings. During the Thanksgiving holiday, NAREB Nashville plans to emphasize the importance of eating together as a family at the dinner table. Did you know that family dinners around the table matter? The research is significant. Here are a few of the compelling reasons:


  • Stronger Family Bonds: Incorporating family dinners at the table is most likely to aid in growing positive family relationships.
  • Better Performance in School: kids that have dinner with their families at the table regularly on average do better in school. They get better grades, better test scores, and lower dropout rates.
  • Healthier Families: cooking dinner at home and eating meals at the table keeps take-out and processed foods to a minimum.

Now that you've understood the importance of family dinners, I'm sure you can even more appreciate them. To encourage families in the Antioch Community to eat together, NAREB Nashville will provide non-perishable sides as well as information about the benefits of eating together. Our goal is for each household to spend quality time with one another while preparing a meal together and eating at the dinner table. Join us in preparing for our Breaking Bread with Family giveaway. It is our goal to provide  Thanksgiving baskets to as many families as we can this year, so we are in need of h monetary donations.  We ask that all donations be made by November 16, 2022.


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