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  [1]  More than 42 million survivors of childhood sexual abuse exist in America. 

[2]  About 400,000 babies born in 2021 will become victims of sexual abuse.



Our Mission
Mission EDIFY unites ministry leaders to advocate for the common good of adults suffering from the effects of childhood sexual abuse. Advocacy is a steady effort to listen, reflect, and meet the needs of victims and their families with the willingness to evolve along the way. The action we take to edify survivors encompasses victims of all manner of abuse.



Your donations help us to

  • collaborate with a licensed counselor to tailor retreats for victims of abuse.
  • innovative a healing and forgiveness program in faith communities.
  • serve women in crisis through relationships with outreach organizations.
  • teach and serve in closed support groups.


Meet the Chief Founder & Director of Program Development

Wendy Redroad is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and traumatic betrayal. She lives in the light at the end of the tunnel, understands the complexities of healing and forgiveness, and she's on a mission to enlighten leaders to the unspoken needs of victims of abuse.

To learn more about Wendy & Mission EDIFY, visit www.wendyredroad.com
[MissionEDIFY.com is coming in 2021.]




Mission Accomplished
"My father abused me physically, sexually, and emotionally. The first time I told my Bible study group that I hated my dad they prayed God would help me to forgive him. What I needed was healing in my heart. Validation and comfort where my greatest needs. Wendy helped me to understand WHY I struggled to forgive and helped me move forward." Laura [Support Group]

Fr. Thomas Esposito, O. Cist.
“Wendy Redroad is a ray of graced sunlight in a deeply dark moment for our Church. She has learned how to allow Christ the divine physician to heal her own wounds, and she is answering the Lord’s call to share her healing plan with others. Her program of “forgiving what you will never forget” is the fruit of many tears, much prayer, and the secure guidance of the Holy Spirit. I firmly believe that the Lord has blessed her with a beautiful and important vocation, and I have no doubt that she will be an instrument of Christ’s love and mercy for all those who follow her path of healing.”

"Wendy Redroad is our go-to-girl on the topic of forgiveness. She shares a powerful journey that intertwines healing and forgiveness with women who've suffered all manner of abuse. She is relatable, compassionate, and biblically sound in her approach as she takes women by the hand and gently walks them through their own journeys of healing and forgiveness."Carrie Gurley, Former Executive Director of Valiant Hearts

Donna Criswell, Prison Ministry Director
"In nine years of prison ministry I've become acutely aware that the main issue the majority of inmates struggle with is forgiveness--for themselves and others. Wendy unlocks the mystery of how to forgive what you'll never forget and provides guidance to do it. Her message opened their eyes to new ways of understanding and approaching forgiveness."

"I'm a recovering alcoholic. In workinig the twelve steps, I've learned over the years how to identify my destructive behavioral patterns. What I've never understood is how to move forward. How to Forgive What You'll Never Forget is the first teaching to show me How to get from A to B." M



Official Tax-Exempt Organization Mission EDIFY operates under the fiscal sponsorship of Women's Nonprofit Alliance, a 501(c)3 parent organization. Online donations will reflect on your bank statement as Women's Nonprofit Alliance, however, funds are directly credited to Mission EDIFY.

[1] National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse
[2] www.d2l.org




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