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Make a contribution to Merivis before November 18th, 2019 to support veterans and military spouses in their transition to technology careers.

My Name is Nicholas Pegram, a proud spouse to Guillermo Enriquez, an Army veteran who served in the US Army for eight years.  Entering the military right out of high school, the Army experience quickly guided Guillermo's path into adulthood.  During these eight years, he worked as a dental assistant on base (and in the field).  While the Army taught him a useful trade to take into the civilian world, it also encouraged him to value his character and his word above all else.  To honor and protect his team.  To do whatever task necessary to get the job done.


Eight years later and fresh of the military, he transitions into a full-time student role at a local university.  Once completing his Bachelor's degree in Microbiology, the science field didn't offer a warm welcome as he, or his advisors, originally had hoped for.  Thus, unemployed and only receiving a disability check, he needed to return to the trade of experience, dental assisting. 


Dental Assisting is automatic for Guillermo.  But, over the years, leaning over patients has wreaked havoc on his body.  It has exacerbated his disability to the point of physical therapy appointments, drives from Austin, TX to Temple, TX for steroid injections, and being in a continual state of pain management.  Going on a weight loss transformation over the last 2 years has helped, but he cannot continue assisting much longer.


Enter Merivis and their amazing program.


I learned about Merivis through one of Guillermo's coworkers to be an organization that teaches Salesforce classes to assist with transitioning vets/milspouses.  As a recent end-user of Salesforce, my interest was peaked on the basis of enhancing my skills for my daily work.  Soon did I learn that MERIVIS IS UNIQUELY MUCH MORE!  I watched her complete the course with fire for the journey ahead.  Once the training was over and she became certified, I simply watched.  I waited to see if a Dental Hygenist with NO TECH background could transition her career into the Salesforce ecosystem.  Then it happened!  She got the job!  When I heard the news, the answer to my question was crystal clear!  I finished my application and signed up for the very next cohort.


As a Merivis Grad and Salesforce Certified Administrator, I quickly signed up for the next class, Platform App Builder.  While doing to pre-work for Platform App Builder, the Merivis Network Magic activates! I receive my first call to work on a large data migration project with a company that focuses on veterans/milspouses.  My class projects and test questions became a real-life scenario. 


At that moment, I began to see the potential career shift ahead of me!  And I am here for it!  Merivis has allowed me to increase and supplement my income in a large way.  This raises the income for my family, so that my veteran can focus on applying for Master's programs with the hope of being in school full time, supported by our additional income. This opportunity is a crucial boost that will impact his health and our quality of life! This would not be possible without the ladder and outreached hand of the Merivis Program.  Not only has this impacted my family, but so many from my cohort and cohorts before me.


Salesforce provides Trailhead as an open platform to learn their tool.  Merivis provides context to the curriculum, real-life projects, accountability partners to keep you pushing, and a job network for exposure.  Merivis is the amplifier for us to be heard on social media, to gain traction in looking for a job, and a tangible helping hand into a new career.  As a person with only end-user experience, I have been able to transition into a tech role in high demand.


Merivis supports veterans preparing for their next missions through training, mentorship and job readiness for Salesforce cloud technology positions.  With a growing need for Salesforce certified professionals and an increasing number of underemployed veterans in the country, we bridge the gap to help veterans transition to civilian life and find great careers. Since we started in 2015, Merivis has impacted the lives of nearly 250 military veterans by supporting them in their transition to civilian careers. Through our Salesforce training programs, we've put them on the path to growing, in-demand technology roles and we couldn't have done it without every member of the Merivis community.


We invite those that have been a part of Merivis as students, alumni, volunteers, coaches, sponsors, advocates and friends to join the Merivis fundraising team in spreading the word and raising funds to host additional programs in support our veterans.


You can contribute to Merivis here or choose one of our Alumni or Advocates pages below to help them reach their goal. 


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