Help build a #Playground4Merit! #GIVEMERIT

Memphis Merit Academy, the FIRST charter school in the Parkway Village community, is expanding. Ask any of our scholars what they are most excited about in the new school, and they will say, “THE PLAYGROUND!” 



After four years in operation, we are thrilled to build a state-of-the-art indoor playground at Memphis Merit Academy, but we need YOUR HELP to do so! 


Did you know playgrounds promote more than just fun? Below are 15 wonderful ways* installing a playground will benefit the scholars at Memphis Merit Academy:


1. Builds Motor Skills

2. Promotes Physical Health through Exercise

3. Encourages Play

4. Enhances Creativity

5. Builds Social Skills

6. Increases Academic Performance

7. Provides Opportunities to Learn Outside of the Classroom

8. Promotes Empathy

9. Gets Scholars Away From Technology

10. Builds Self-Esteem

11. Provides Opportunity for Safe Risk-Taking

12. Engages Multiple Senses

13. Promotes Community Awareness

14. Stimulates the Immune System

15. Helps Children Confront Emotions


*List provided by PLAYWORLD.


Click the Donate button to help build a #Playground4Merit today! 


Memphis Merit Academy, Inc. is an exempt organization as described in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue code. For your reference, our EIN is 82-2828471.


Nonprofit Organization Donations Tax Deductible

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