About Majestic Hills Ranch

Majestic Hills Ranch provides the opportunity to achieve a sense of freedom, accomplishment and self-esteem while giving families hope through equine-assisted services (adaptive/therapeutic riding classes), currently serving Children (ages 4-17) and Adults (18+) with special needs as well as Active Duty and Veterans in rehabilitation. MHR offers adaptive riding lessons so all of our students are able to ride horses safely and confidently, and to the best of their ability.  


In operation since 1997, MHR is a place where young riders touch a horse's nose for the first time.  Where they get to walk right up to a "big" horse and get on to ride - showing the world they are brave and adventurous. Where adult riders can become friends with their equine confidant and stresses can melt away. They leave behind everyday troubles and get the joy of riding on a horse, in a non-judgmental environment where community volunteers help to make each ride safe and enjoyable. 


MHR Goals:
•    To create a safe and respectful environment that encourages riders to enjoy their time with the horses while encouraging them to increase their core strength while boosting their self-confidence.
•    To provide a space where our riders and their families can have fun together. 
•    To foster a program where community volunteers help with the emotional and physical growth of our riders.


Majestic Hills continues to operate and thrive off of the donations of our generous sponsors and donors, and we put on a variety of events throughout the year to boost our fundraising goals and meet our financial needs.