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Providing revenue for restaurants and food providers, and making sure our healthcare workers' meals are being taken care of.

Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co. is proud to work with LIFE Fund and NextSeed to feed the heroes working tirelessly on the front lines of this pandemic. 


For every $10 you give, we provide a healthy meal that goes directly to those who put their lives at risk every day. 

The Buff Brew 80/20 Promise

As a community-focused and locally owned business, we know the importance of taking care of our neighbors, friends, and family as we continue to be Houston Strong and Texas Proud. 


This partnership, and your donations, are not just about feeding the people who fight for us every day. A large portion of your donations go directly to saving local jobs. And we’re not just talking about saving the jobs of the folks here who make Houston’s most creative brews, we’re spreading the wealth to our friends and neighbors.


The restaurant and hospitality industry is taking a big hit right now. Approximately 20% of the funds you donate go towards other restaurants in the LIFE Fund group.


You can also add on a tip with your donation to cover the processing fees to help ensure more of your dollars go straight to the hard working folks in the hospitality industry.



Here's How it Works

1. You make a tax-deductible donation on the Buff Brew team page to the LIFE Fund.

2. The LIFE Fund purchases food from Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co.

3. Buff Brew delivers these meals directly to the medical professionals and first responders working on COVID-19 relief efforts.

Would your healthcare or first responder group like to receive meals? Send us your recommendation!



Here's Why We're Doing It

We are watching as friends, and family members in healthcare are dealing with the COVID-19 crisis head-on. Their exposure is growing with time, and they're risking their safety and well-being to keep us safe and healthy through this pandemic.


While the COVID-19 health crisis is scary on its own, the impact of drastic drops in business for local restaurants and the jobs they support is becoming an economic disaster.


Chances are, you're already aware that the businesses you care about most are run by local and independent small business owners who help to form the cultural fabric of our communities. In fact, during other disasters, local businesses are the ones who quickly step up to help Houston area communities. Now, we must step up for them.    


Your contribution to the LIFE Fund will help fight COVID-19 on two fronts: Your dollars work double-duty by supporting local businesses while nourishing our health and safety workers on the frontlines. We will make it through this the way we did through Hurricane Harvey, the Tax Day Floods, and every other crisis before: By Working Together. 



Here are the Details

How are you making sure that it's safe? 
All food will be delivered and packaged as individual meals. We adhere to the highest standards for food prep and recently received the highest score on our Health Inspection. Our staff wear facemasks and gloves during all stages of food prep. No catering trays and large dishes to be shared. These steps are critical.   


How much are you spending on each meal? 
LIFE Fund is paying ~$10/meal for individually bundled meals in delivery bundles of at least 25 orders.  Having substantial orders to justify deliveries is a primary goal to keep costs low, quality high, and provide a hearty meal at $10 each.


How soon will LIFE Fund be distributing funds to businesses? 
We're delivering now, and we'll continue to do so as long as the funding lasts.


How will you select which places to send food to? 
We have a list of hospitals, clinics, and non-profits we are working with, and we're open to requests and suggestions.


Is this donation tax-deductible? 
Yes.  By working with Impact Hub Houston through their Fiscal Sponsorship program, Buff Brew ensures that individuals can make a tax-deductible donation to the LIFE Fund.



Would your healthcare or first responder group like to receive meals? Send us your recommendation!



Focused on driving social change by accelerating entrepreneurial solutions, Impact Hub Houston is a 501(c)3 organization and is the fiscal sponsor for this program. All contributions to this campaign will be made directly to Impact Hub Houston and pushed out to businesses directly.   

Bundled Meals

$100 Buy 10 Meals
Enough to feed a group of First Responders!
Read more
$250 Buy 25 Meals
Enough to feed a clinic!
Read more
$500 Buy 50 Meals
Enough to cover a meal for a hospital unit for one day!
Read more
$1,000 Buy 100 Meals
Enough to purchase meals for two different units in a hospital!
Read more
$3,500 Buy 350 Meals
Enough to cover lunch for a hospital unit for an entire week!
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Team Organizer
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