Keystone APG is planning a summer retreat to Arkansas to canoe down the Buffalo River!


Keystone APG is planning a trip to Arkansas and we need help from the community. Trips have a powerful impact on teens, so powerful that it has been the turning point for addicts and alcoholics on multiple occasions. Trips provide an opportunity for teens to bond with each other and the group as a whole. This provides an opportunity for stronger group cohesion and meaningful individual relationships, which in turn leads to them holding each other accountable and helping each other to stay sober. Retreats also allow teens to take a look at their current spiritual health by getting in touch with nature. Separating from everyday life is crucial for getting in touch with yourself. It separates you from daily struggles, peer pressure, and pressures from parents. This is a spiritual trip for many who attend. Recovery is a spiritual journey. therefore this is the perfect opportunity for a struggling addict to connect with their higher power. These are many of the reasons why we have these retreats.

Now we just need your help. This retreat is going to cost roughly $460 per teen...That is a lot of money for a family especially after you consider that most of the families in our program are tapped out from rehab expenses, IOP expenses and often therapists. We are trying to get this number as low as possible because for some of our families the only way they can come is if that number is cut in half. If you could donate just $10 dollars, that would help considerably closer to our goal of cutting this cost in half. 

Donation Levels

$400 Platinum level
Platinum level means that your donation will cover the full cost for one teenager to attend this trip!
$200 Gold
Your donation covers half of the trip costs for one teenager!
$120 Silver
Your donation goes to paying for 1 canoe for 2 kid for half the trip
$400 Summer Trip Fee
Families Paying Trip Fee- Click Here!


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