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Keystone APG Needs YOUR Help to Make These Trips Possible!
Keystone APG
Keystone APG Needs Your Help!
Keystone Plants the Seed. Recovery Helps Them Grow.
Wed, April 15, 2020
11:00 AM - 1:00 PM CT

About Keystone APG



About Keystone APG:

Keystone APG is a new nonprofit in Austin, TX. Keystone APG's mission is to be the keystone in the process of youth and their families builidng a new life in recovery. Our organization's goal is to assist teens and their families so that they can heal from the harm caused by substance use disorder and other unhealthy behaviors associated with drug and alcohol use. Keystone is an alternative peer group that offers support groups for adolescents and their families as well as fun activties for teens so they can build friendships with other kids in recovery. 


About Our Team:

Executive Director– Hannah Milne's sobriety date is November 18, 2012. Hannah's experience with APG’s and youth recovery is that she am an APG graduate, a sober high school graduate, and was a youth staff for an APG from the years of 2015-2017. Hannah is also currently a student at the University of Texas studying Social Work. She will be receiving my Bachelors in Social Work in August of 2018. Hannah's education, as well as her life passion and experience with APG’s, has made the creation of Keystone APG her dream. 

Assistant Director– Avery Quinn Packard's sobriety date is January 2, 2012. Avery got sober through an APG in Austin a little before his fifteenth birthday. Avery have previous experience of creating his own business. He has also worked for an APG as a youth staff since June of 2016. Avery loved this job and this work experience has led him to his passion for helping teens and their families.

Program Coordinator– Max Bucher's sobriety date is September 28, 2013. Max joined an APG in June of 2013 and became the first graduate of that APG in 2014. Max has been working under an LCDC for a different APG since February of 2016. His life and work experience has led him to learn a lot about how APG’s work. Also, the benefits are very apparent to Max in his personal life as well as being able to witness how APG’s help others through working for a different APG. Max has seen different program styles and wants to incorporate pieces of the different APGs into our program design.

Co-founder Benjamin Loesch's sobriety date is September 11, 2017. Ben got involved with APGs when he was only 14 years old. Ben made friends there that are still his friends today. He loved the support and relationships he made there. In January 2015, Ben began working for an APG in Austin. Ben knows firsthand how vital the community piece is in staying sober as a young person. Ben's role on this team is to focus on marketing strategy and fundraising. Ben is currently pursuing a Business Management degree. Ben brings his work experience and life experience to the team and he is very enthusiastic about being on this team.


About Our Program: 

Our program is aimed at helping adolescents and their families to recover from the harm caused by substance use and addiction. The Alternative Peer Group model consists of providing teens with a fun and safe environment, providing opportunities for life-long bonds to be formed between teens, as well as providing them with support and accountability from their staff and peers. A big part of our program is parent involvement. Addiction is a family disease in that it affects more than just the person using drugs or alcohol. We believe that the whole family has to change in order for there to be success. Our support groups and functions are mandatory. The outline of our schedule is below:


-On Site Hangout for Adolescents at our Main Location (4:30-6:30pm)


-Family Group (6-7pm)

-Parent Led Support Group  (7-8pm)

-Peer Led Support Group (7-8pm)


-Optional 12 Step Meeting (6-7pm)

-Coffee with Staff (7-8pm)


-On Site Hangout for Adolescents (4:30-6:30pm)


-Peer Led Support Group (6-7pm)

-Parent Led Support Group (6-7pm)

-Off Site Hangout for Adolescents (7-10pm)


-Off Site Hangout for Adolescents (12-4pm or 6-10pm)


We Need Your Help!

Please donate to our organization today so that our team can continue to provide services for aadolescents and their families in the Austin area.