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Update: AMAZING!!! Thanks so much to everyone who donated so far. We're hoping to keep it going and fundraise above the surgery cost to help with medications he'll need for the remainder of his life.


Who says second chances don’t happen?  


Meet Daredevil!


This adorable 4 month old American bulldog mix came into the loving hands of Rescue on January 9th. Upon first exam it was evident that he has several medical issues, including a life threating heart defect.  On March 19th, 2021 he’ll finally get his chance at the surgery that will save his life.  We are raising funds to help with the surgery cost and his long road of after care treatment. 

As his foster Momma for almost 3 months, I can tell you that this little boy is a fighter. He had some problems walking early on and the doctors suspected hip dysplasia. After further review he has been cleared of that but he definitely has a different kind of walk.  He falls easily and all legs separate. But he gets himself right back up and goes on his merry little way.  HE LOVES his walks! You’d think a pup with a heart condition as bad as his that he’d tire and want to rest more on his walks. But he NEVER tires.  He gets winded easily and sleeps a lot but he certainly doesn’t let his disabilities hold him back!  He also has a very large umbilical hernia that is big enough for intestines to try to come through. Again, he doesn’t let this stop him from living life. He just can’t play as rough, even though he’d love to.  He’s a good boy that knows his basic commands and just one look at you with that wrinkly puppy face of his, melts your soul. 


Please have a heart for Daredevil aka “DD” and lets give him this second chance!


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