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Creating life-enhancing environments for kids with life-limiting medical conditions.

Who We Are

Joy Collaborative is a partnership of impassioned doers and givers – designers, architects and builders; donors, volunteers and sponsors – who come together to transform kids’ personal spaces. We create environments that for some kids become magnets of activity; for other kids a place of respite. For all the kids and families we serve, we aspire to create spaces that deliver joy.

What We Do

Buffeted by circumstances they have no control over, kids stuck at home can succumb to feelings of boredom, depression and isolation – emotions that impair their wellbeing. We create spaces that give control back to kids. Spaces that are unique to them and speak to them; that transform their home environment from a place they have to be to a setting where they – and others – want to be.

The Impact

Every kid needs a place where they can be themselves. Especially kids challenged by conditions that limit their activity and often keep them homebound. As a result of a new space, Joy Collaborative partners, sponsors and volunteer provide spaces that:

  • Empower kids
  • Enhance health and well-being
  • Combat social isolation
  • Facilitate daily living
  • Foster community
  • Spark a desire to give back
  • Deliver joy

 Check out our Joy Rooms page where our talented volunteers create environments for our program participants to thrive.

Donation Levels

$200 Bennett's room

Fitness equipment 

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$100 Bennett's room

Resistance bands 

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