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boBcat TOWER 2.0

Is YOUR Adored Kitten: Roman? Greek?​​​​​​​  Egyptian?​​​​​​​  Lutheran?​​​​​​​  Wiccan?​​​​​​​  Skittish?​​​​​​​  Part Chicken?


Then the boBcat TOWER 2.0 is the ANSWER for you. Of the 5 Cat Personality Types (CPT): neurotic, extraverted, dominant, impulsive, and agreeable, the neurotics, extraverted, dominant, well, actually ALL of them will be smitten with this architectural temple that honors their sacred- and scaredy-cat natures. 

The sleek design provides skittish kitties with the security of a high-design ‘jail’ that keeps them safe from real and perceived threats. Although the kitties can come and go like Otis in Mayberry, columns provide a barrier that protects them from being harassed while letting them peek between to keep tabs.


Behind the columns, different safety zones abound. This multi-level split design offers multiple platforms for two or more cats to lounge and/or cower. Sturdy platforms enable easy access from one level to the next. Rooftop is the purrfect observatory deck for extraverted, dominant, or impulsive kitties to watch for intruders. And pounce on unsuspecting targets.

The design which focuses on construction, sustainability, and cleaning ease requires fabrication by a digital CNC router. All of the parts snap together like legos. In addition to providing a sense of safety, the bent architecture offers a refreshing and fun style that's easy on the eyes and a source of joy for cat moms and dads.


Dimensions 28”x48”x57”



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