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Scandinavian influence

In honor of true Minnesota heritage, our design concept for our Barkitecture structure demonstrates strong ties to one of the largest ethnic groups located here, the Norwegians. Starting back in the 1950s, the Norwegian's Scandinavian influence offers simple, clean lines in a very functional form while still maintaining the beauty and integrity of the design. It was believed that the Scandinavia Design promised affordability and accessibility all while utilizing high-quality, sustainable products.


Rosemaling is also another Norwegian influence in furniture design that is highly recognizable within our regional heritage. This decorative folk painting on wood usually depicts floral designs and inscriptions but sometimes other forms such as landscapes and architectural elements.


Our design showcases sustainable products in the clean, minimalistic aesthetic expected of Scandinavian design. Natural materials in warm woods tones such as teak are used for the home-like feel while grays, blues, and cream neutrals in the plaid accent material provide the Scandinavian color palette along with the added Rosemaling focal point.


The simple roofline of the dog house also combines an additional hidden function with the built-in dog bowl holder.  The understated shape and simple construction, make it a perfect feature to add to any interior. Overall, the provided dog house design focuses on meeting those Scandinavian design elements that are expected while also providing a warm and inviting home for the proposed fur-resident.


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