How can we help? We're offering short-term waivers on membership dues for those members experiencing financial hardship.

**This page is for current JAWS members. If you are A NEW MEMBER, please visit our NEW MEMBERSHIP PAGE.**

You are an important part of JAWS, and we want to help you stay in our organization when you are going through financial hardship. If you're at risk of losing your membership because of unemployment, a furlough, pay cut, or another special circumstance, please don't hesitate to request a waiver.


Staying in JAWS can help you grow your network and learn new skills to succeed professionally with virtual networking, webinars, online training discounts and regional programming. We support each other personally and professionally, sharing job opportunities, contacts, knowledge, and lived experiences to help each other succeed, and we work relentlessly to grow equity and inclusion in the industry.


Apply now to extend your membership for 6 months, delaying your renewal so you can continue to be part of the JAWS community – and get the support you need to get through difficult times.

This waiver can be renewed for an additional six months if your circumstances do not change. This benefit cannot be extended past a twelve-month period without special consideration to be approved by the JAWS Executive Committee. Thanks for sticking with JAWS to keep our sisterhood strong during this historic moment and help more of us succeed together.




Five reasons to stay in JAWS:


  1. Job postings, fellowships and other opportunities shared in our members-only site and the JAWS private Facebook group
  2. The JAWS directory with your name and contact information as well as those of hundreds of other JAWS members
  3. Communicate with JAWS members around the country for career advice.
  4. Free members-only webinars and discount registration to our annual Conference and Mentoring Project (CAMP).
  5. Other valuable member-only benefits and discounts offered by strategic partners.

Membership Levels

6-Month Waiver

Extend your membership for 6 months

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