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Create Positive Impact in Bhutan: Help Raise Funds for Impact Hub Thimphu!
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We're celebrating 6 years of Impact and Innovation!



We started our journey in 2017, with iHub Bhutan and our team has helped numerous entrepreneurs turn their ideas into successful ventures since, and to this day, continues to create employment opportunities and promote social innovation in the community. We are now looking to scale up our impact by rebranding iHub Bhutan into Impact Hub Thimphu.

We will be joining a global community of Impact Hub Network, which is supporting impact makers in 111 locations around the world. We believe in the principle of locally rooted, globally connected approach of the network that gives us local independence and relevance, global knowledge and connections.

Impact Hub Thimphu will be a unique space and incubator in Bhutan that fosters a community of entrepreneurs who conduct business with purpose and values.


We have always believed in “Development with Values”, with your generous support and contribution it will help us establish a new, larger location in the heart of Thimphu that will enable us to conduct business with values.

  1. Establishment of a learning center for impact makers to explore our R&D facility and prototype their ideas and entrepreneur library for students and
    startups to make latest books on technology, project management and entrepreneurship easily accessible
  2. Launch two incubator programs for climate change and sustainable startups. 
  3. Expanding our programs in schools and women-led entrepreneurs. Our women and student entrepreneurship program will provide resources and support to increase the number of female and student led startups in the community.

With your support, we aim to continue providing a thriving space for entrepreneurs committed to making a positive and sustainable impact!

To learn more about the work of Impact Hub Thimphu, please contact Mr. Tashi Wangdi




Bhutan, the country known for pursuing Gross National Happiness, is situated between the world’s two largest populations and the fastest growing economies, India and China. With a population of a little over half a million, Bhutan is one of the world’s smallest economies. Bhutan is also known as Druk Yul, the land of Thunder Dragon. And the land is a fascinating one of contrasts and uncommon harmony. It is a dwelling where one can find peace and opportunity for business, experience living in harmony with traditions and discover the wilderness abounding with life.

Thimphu, the capital of the country, is considered the business hub. The presence of all the 9 ministries, 8 financial institutions and the highest population in the country with over 0.15 million people, have created Thimphu as the commercial center of Bhutan. Despite modernization and development works, the capital city has managed to uphold values of diversity with unity, heritage with progress, creativity with tradition, and development with values.

However, our entrepreneurial ecosystem is still in its infancy stage and the players of the ecosystem are just learning to share information and implementing plans and programmes through collaboration (ITC 2019). We see many opportunities to create a more supportive entrepreneurial environment.

The lack of affordable office space, access to mentors, networking opportunities, amenities and a sense of community are some of the challenges faced by
entrepreneurs and small business owners in Bhutan.



Impact Hub Thimphu plans to centrally locate its space in the heart of the town, providing a range of amenities such as meeting rooms, Wi-Fi, printing facilities, and access to mentorship, funding, and other resources that can help entrepreneurs and small business owners to grow and succeed.

In the past, iHub Bhutan has hosted various platforms for networking and collaboration, which have led to the formation of new partnerships and sharing of ideas. With Impact Hub Thimphu we are inviting all our partners to collaborate with us and co-create a stronger local ecosystem. 
Through the business incubation program, Impact Hub Thimphu provides resources and support to help new businesses and startups grow and develop. Additionally, Impact Hub Thimphu plans to focus more on women and student entrepreneurs by offering them free co-working space and access to events, workshops and mentors. 
Interested in being part of our journey, and exploring collaboration? Please reach out to our Founder, Tashi Wangdi.


Learn more about Impact Hub Thimphu at

Please join us in our journey to transform Thimphu, Bhutan, into a thriving Hub for Impact in Asia!


We understand the difficulty of turning our ideas into reality. We know that making the world better doesn't happen on its own - it takes dedication and hard work. That's why we invite you to join us in creating a workspace that can serve as a melting pot for ideas and people who care about shaping a better future. Welcome aboard - your passion and drive are integral to our vision. By helping us build this collaborative space and enabling us to open our doors in June 2023, you are empowering a movement of changemakers who are leading the charge for positive change in Bhutan and beyond. 

To learn more about the work of Impact Hub Thimphu, please contact Mr. Tashi Wangdi


We are committed to creating a better future through our startup and we invite you to join us in this movement. Your support would help us build a home and workspace for changemakers and innovators in Bhutan who are passionate about using their skills and knowledge to create positive change.

Donation Levels

$100 Plant a Tree

By planting the most number of trees in one hour, Bhutan has achieved its first Guinness World Records title. Likewise you can contribute to this effort by donating $100, and in return, we will plant a tree on your behalf in Bhutan.


Fun fact: Bhutan’s forests absorb three times more CO2 emissions than its population creates. So the entire population is carbon negative!

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$1,000 Supporter Tier
  • Opportunity to attend the first launch event online in June 2023, where you will get a tour of our facilities, meet some of our entrepreneurs and hear about our next exciting projects.
  • Listing on our website as one of the supporters of Impact Hub Thimphu.
  • Monthly Newsletter and Annual Report
  • Plant a tree on your behalf coinciding with launch with Impact Hub Thimphu
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$2,500 Impact Tier

You will receive the same perks listed in the $1,000 donation level PLUS:

  • If you're ever visiting Bhutan, we would like to offer free use of our co-working space for 3 days.
  • If you have some specific skills you would like to share with us, we would love to hear from you:
    • 1. Opportunity to be one of our mentors for our program (can be done virtually)
    • 2. Opportunity to be a trainer or host various workshops both virtual and in person (if you are based in Bhutan).
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$5,000 Believer Tier

You will receive the same perks listed in the $2,500 donation level PLUS:

  • Access to startup first products (subject to logistic)
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