$10,000 provides Refugee Survival Kits for 500 refugees in Uganda. Kits provide critical health needs and loving care for families - including vaccinations to prevent the spread of deadly diseases, treatment for malaria, and therapeutic foods for the malnourished. Pregnant women are given maternal care both before and after birth.
$5,000 covers the cost of all prenatal and postpartum check-ups for 15 pregnant women in Colombia.
$1700 covers the cost of one free dental clinic to provide emergency care for moms who lack dental insurance in the Pacific NW. 
$1,000 can provide the supplies needed to help 200 pregnant mothers in Uganda in need of emergency C-sections.  
$500 can supply 38 pregnant women with safe delivery kits in East Africa. 
$250 ships $10,000 of life-saving medical supplies to mothers and children in need around the world. 
$150 can provide 5 home medical kits for a displaced mother and her children in Ukraine. 
$100 can provide all the supplies needed for 12 pregnant mothers to safely deliver their babies in Medical Teams clinics around the world. 
$50 can provide 100 children with the malnutrition treatment needed to be restored to health.
Your gift of any amount will make a difference for a mother and her family.  
Alternate Giving Options
If you wish to give through your Donor Advised Fund, check, or stock donation, call 503-624-6615 or email For credit cards see below.