All Your Needs In One Place


Create, Manage and Run campaigns for your nonprofit, your personal cause, your passion for social change.


Tell Your Story Anytime. You get your own permanent to tell it. Always On with Donation Support.


Donor Management Done Right. Generate, upload, manage and analyze donors and leads.


Create a campaign
Smart fundraising for you or your organization

Tell your story and explain your need
Run multiple campaigns simultaneously
Provide perks and incentive offers for each campaign

Share your story
Build a support network

Strengthen your network
Build your community of donors and supporters
Communicate effectively and personally

Raise more than ever
Reach more donors

Evaluate your campaign performance
Run campaigns with targeted marketing
Stay connected with your network of donors

  Donor Management

Manage your contacts
Know your target market

Manage your contacts, leads, and donors
Import existing donor and marketing lists
Built-in donor management essentials

Assess your donors
Know your support network

Automatically track donor activities
Analyze and categorize all donors
Use analytics to plan your future campaigns

Reach your network
Reach more with better tools

Email marketing integrations
Contact your past or potential donors directly
Maximize social media outreach

  Always On

Your own home page
Build a permanent presence. Always On.

Customize your own home page to deliver your message, showcase your campaigns, and receive donations anytime.