About Hesston Public Library

Wednesday Wigglers Storytime is an out-of-the-box storytime that promotes early literacy, creativity and socal engagement. 


Hesston Public Library is committed to being a Third Place in our community and providing equity, inclusivity and access to all library services, programs and materials for patrons of all ages, abilities and incomes.


Public libraries have evolved beyond being silent repositories for books, and Hesston Public Library is no exception. Our collection in Hesston includes movies, wifi hotspots, games, admission to local attractions, fishing poles, pickleball gear and more. Our programs suit patrons from our youngest Wednesday Wigglers’ introduction to literacy to our adults with crafting and activity nights and book clubs. Our community partnerships allow us to positively impact patrons beyond the four walls of our building.


Hesston Public Library strives to be a community hub, providing a place for information, entertainment, enrichment, community-building and life-long learning. Hesston Public Library is purposeful in creating an environment that reflects the community in a holistic and inclusive way.


By supporting Hesston Public Library, you are empowering the institution to continue its work within the community.

Giving Options

$20Page Turner

Loves the smell of a new book in the morning!

Page turners help offset the cost of a hardback book for any reading level 


Bookworms don't care what format their favorite book finds, just that something good to read is available at their fingertips at all times. 

Bookworms will offset the cost of one digital book purchase for access on our Libby app. 


Storytellers are an important part of developing a life-long love of books. 

Our Storytellers can help support our Wednesday Wigglers Storytime, providing books, materials and activites that promote literacy and help develop early milestone motor skills and social skills 


Wordsmiths bring a deeper understanding of how books can influence and unite communities. 

Wordsmiths can help offset the costs associated with Community Reads, by sponsoring book purchases, author visits and community pannels. 

$300Special Collection Supporter

Special Collections are becoming a bigger part of public libraries, expanding our offerings beyond books. 

Special Collection Supporters can offset the cost of one month of mobile usage for our entire fleet of wifi hotspots. 

$500Shelf Love

Embrace some Shelf Love.

Shelf Lovers will cover the costs of one typical full book order. Orders are placed twice monthly to keep our collection fresh. 

$1,000Book Wyrm

Book Wyrms are patrons that want to have their own horde of books.

Book Wyrms help keep Hesston Public Library a vibrant hub of the community. Book Wyrm donations will offset the cost of full month of book orders. 

$1,500Literary Luminary

Litreary Luminaries light the way for community engagement with the library.

 Literary Luminaries can help offset costs associated with the annual Summer Library Program. SLP helps prevent the Summer Slide and keeps students engaged and ready to return to school. 




Nonprofit Donations Tax Deductible