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Last season our partnership with the Q2 stadium and Austin FC helped us raise over $35,000 for Headwaters. We look forward to another great season and we couldn't do it without your amazing help! Each game brings in about $2,000 for the school, when you volunteer it's as if you're making a donation to the school.



Volunteer FAQ


What will I do as a volunteer?

Headwaters volunteers work the La Barra beer truck, serving both draft and canned beer, as well as bags of peanuts. On top of serving the beer volunteers help stock the beer fridges and hook up the draft lines before the game. After the game, there is a simple clean-up checklist to be completed. 


What does a typical volunteer shift look like?

A volunteer shift is typically 5 to 6 hours. You will park at the IBM parking lot and Q2 provides a shuttle to the stadium. Once you arrive at the stadium you will fill the fridges with beer and hook up the taps. At the 80-minute mark, you close down the truck and head home. It's a fun, fast-paced environment.


Will I be able to watch the game?

There are typically three volunteers at a time working three registers. If there are more volunteers in a game, we can take breaks to watch the game from the balcony.


You must be at least 18 years old and TABC certified to volunteer. To get your TABC certification you can go here. If you have any additional questions please email Jeslyn Schuh at j.schuh@headwaters.org.


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