Support Our Growing Forest

Did you learn something new and inspiring at the forest today?

When you donate to Festival Beach Food Forest, you are supporting a project that is truly revolutionizing the way we steward our public parklands.


With the application of regenerative design principles and land contouring, we have transformed a field of grass into a vibrant forest abundant with life throughout the seasons. 


Your donation will help us continue to provide our regular public offerings such as:

  • Weekly Tuesday & Thursday Workdays
  • Weekly Sunday Wellness: Yoga in the Forest
  • First Saturday Educational: Plant Walks / Forest Tour
  • Second Saturday Community Workdays


More About us:


Festival Beach Food Forest is a "forest garden" on public park land that was designed, installed, and planted by the hands and hearts of our community in 2015.  What was once a field of grass, has grown into a biodiverse ecosystem filled with fruit trees, nut trees, and hundreds of edible/medicinal plants.


For over 8 years, the food forest community has nurtured the plants and trees that make up the food forest.  In addition to providing food and medicine, our food forest also offers opportunities to learn about the plants, learn about regenerative land care, and simply reconnect to the earth.


Expanding our Community Led Programming
Your contribution goes directly to supporting the growth of our forest and our community.  In addition to our regular programming listed above, we are expanding our program reach to ensure our youth and elders benefit from the endless gifts the forest has to offer.  Your support will ensure that we can provide valuable nature education and wellness opportunities for communities with limited acccess to safe green spaces in the city. 






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