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Wed, November 16 7:00 AM CT
to Sun, November 20 10:00 PM CT


Thank you for joining our Fall Silent Auction Fundraising event!  

Get Ready to Start Bidding!    From a 2021 Packer Football to Restaurant Gift Cards to Jewelry and Houseware, we have a wide assortment of items for you to consider this year!

All proceeds from this event will go towards supporting our organization's mission and our efforts to provide meaningful employment and training services to the residents of South Central Wisconsin!   


Our Mission: The Employment and Training Association is committed to providing employment and training services in a way that preserves personal dignity, considers individual needs and differences, and supports individuals and their families.

Our Vision: To promote self-sufficiency through employment and training.

Our Values:

  • Personal Empowerment
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Community Development


The Employment and Training Association is a small non-profit in South Central Wisconsin that focuses on helping job seekers identify their career goals and works with them to identify pathways to get there!  Whether it is assistance with a resume and cover letter, helping folks identify employers hiring for positions they are interested in, or helping individuals receive the occupational or job skills training they need to be successful, we are there to help guide them and attach the to the appropriate resources and services. 


In 2021 we served well over 1,100 job seekers through our programming.  Our work is diverse serving out of school youth, adults, dislocated workers, individuals who are re-entering the community after incarceration, non-custodial parents who are struggling to meet their child support obligations, and individuals who's employment has been affected by the 2019 Coronavirus Pandemic. 


Here is an example of the incredible work our staff provide for program participants:

Success Story:  "Shandrell" was incarcerated for almost 20 years.  While at Oak Hill Correctional Institution in Oregon, WI, he completed the Windows to Work program re-entry program.  This program provided him with the resources and tools he needed to find and maintain employment.  During the pre-release portion of W2W, Shandrell was open others in the program about the many challenges his lengthy incarceration would pose once he was released.  He was unfamiliar with technolgy, the internet and how to use the computer to apply for positions.  Prior to release in February, 2022 his W2W Case Manager, Ms. Flores assured him that she would help him navigate through these barriers.  He visited her at the OCI Job Center where they set up an e-mail account, she helped him create a resume, and assisted him with using the internet to apply for positions on-line.  Shortly after release, he quickly found work at Clack as a machine operator.  Once he got settled and started making some money, he informed his Ms. Flores that he was interested in pursueing a career in construction.  Shortly thereafter, he began working for Tradesmen International.  Today, Shandrell continues to work with Tradesman and has even received a raise!  Shandrell shared, "Thanks Windows to Work!  Your assistance has truly been a blessing for me! I am now a proud and productive member of society doing it the right way"!




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