Welcome to the Ektaa Center where we celebrate the arts and cultureS of India. Over the last three decades, Orange County, CA has grown into one of the most diverse communities in the country. We have the opportunity to make this one of the most vibrant and exciting representations of world cultures; an opportunity to celebrate the differences and be a model for future generations; an opportunity to provide the next generation a smorgasbord of cultural experiences that help them grow into better human beings and good citizens of the world. The first step to accomplish this is through creating awareness and understanding through education and experiential learning.

Ektaa in Sanskrit means oneness or unity. Ektaa Center is committed to create an awareness and understanding of the arts and cultures of India, using diverse medium such as dance, music, theater and other related arts to help build better communities in Southern California. The Ektaa Center strives to foster cross-cultural exchange in this multi ethnic community. We believe education and knowledge of cultures creates better communities. At the same time, we strive to preserve the ancient arts of India through education, community involvement and sponsorship of the performing arts. We hope you enjoy the experiences we provide through our people and programs.




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