Defending Dignity Volunteers and Prayer Team

"I prayed for 20 years but received no answer until I prayed with my legs." Frederick Douglass - former slave and abolitionist

Prayer is at the heart of our effectiveness as an outreach team. Each month we engage in monthly prayer drives. Nights that we dedicate to penetrating the darkness of exploitation with the light of God's truth. We declare God's truth over men that are trapped in sexual addiction, women who are being exploited, and a community who looks the other way. We pray that change would come to specific strategic strongholds in our city. We believe this is an important first step to understand why we do outreach. Sign up for our next prayer drive here

In addition to monthly prayer drives, we ask that a select team remain prayerful over our weekly outreaches and volunteers. These prayer warriors called our volunteers by name and pray also for the women we will be encountering on outreach. They pray for effectiveness in meeting needs as well as being spiritually equipped and prepared. We depend on the prayers of our intercessory team to give us grace as we go into the darkness of our city and hold the light of Christ's love high. 

Our outreach volunteers have been trained by our team leaders in safety protocol, reporting, and the importance of compassionate approach with the women we are reaching. We go out in small teams, and there are some specialized needs for volunteers including drivers, translators, but most of our volunteers are connectors. Women who just want to be a friendly face and give hope to those in the difficult circumstance of vulnerability on the streets or exploitation in a massage business. If you have feel a calling to reach hurting or vulnerable women in our city, we would love to have you! Sign up and we will contact you with more information about how to get involved!


Tulsa, OK 74136

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Volunteer Training
Sign up here to become a trained volunteer on our outreaches. The training consists of understanding of our mission of reaching sexually exploited women as well as a brief overview of what commercial sexual exploitation looks like in the U.S. as well as our community.
Prep and Pray
Each month we will gather and put together creative gifts for the women we are reaching through massage parlor and convenience store outreach. Join us as we pray over the lives that will be impacted through these simple gifts.
Prayer Team
Join us as we pray for each of our outreaches. Break through spiritual barriers with us and cover our team with protection, discernment, and favor. Pray for the women we will meet and that God will break through and transform their lives.


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