We provide one-on-one support for low-income women of color to achieve their educational or career goals through a series of career-ready courses and personal mentorship.

Your generous tax-deductible contribution goes a long way toward allowing us to purchase additional resources, materials, association subscriptions, training courses, and continuing education courses, as well as helping us sustain operating costs so that we can assist even more women in achieving their educational and career goals, and focus on a path that will lead them to financial stability and lifelong success.


Because we are in the early stages of development, 100% of our funding is dependent on private donors until we are eligible to apply for grants and federal funding. YOU are the sole reason we can assist our first cohort of women, and we are excited to show you what we can accomplish to pave the way for many more cohorts to come.


These women truly depend on your continued support!  We are so thankful for such caring and involved community members such as yourself and we cannot create change without you.


Thank YOU,

Avery Le
Executive Director