Seeking Committee Members & School Volunteers. Tell us about what skills you have to share with us!



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Free Substitute Teacher

Substitute teach in a classroom.  We have very few substitutes this year so we need additional people available to sub.

Background check required, but no additional training is needed for volunteer substitutes.  

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Free School Volunteer

Tell us about what skills you would like to contribute to the school.

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Free Building and Grounds Committee Member

Assist in construction of special projects, repair and maintenance of buildings and grounds, including playground.  Help coordinate school's annual work day to complete minor repairs, cleaning and other tasks.

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Free Communications Committee Member

Assist in communicating pertinent information about DMS to public, parents, faculty and staff.

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Free Community Service Committee Member

Assist in public and community relations activities that advance the spirit of giving to the community from the school.

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Free Fundraising Committee Member

Engage in activities designed to solicit funds in support of school projects.

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Free Materials Committee Member

Work with staff to define classroom needs and help make or procure needed materials.

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Free Teacher Appreciation Committee Member

Help identify and coordinate events in recognition of school staff.

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Non-Profit Organization Donations Tax Deductible